hi, it's me, melese.  

Photographing both film & digital in the Utah County Area

I tend to feel things in photographs in a way I can't express any other way - pictures seem to do a better job of telling the complicated beauty of human stories than most words I can grab at in my head, and if you're here looking around, maybe you feel the same. 

Because you're here I'm going to guess that you feel, like I do, that love is all you need - and yes, I just quoted the Beatles #likeaboss.  You may see relationships as the part of us that makes us human, that, and our insatiable need for nutella, obviously.  You may care about the world around you, from the people you connect and rub shoulders with, to the colors and patterns that inspire you and make you feel something when you look out your car window. You may love and appreciate something beautiful, so much that it makes you tear up (we've all been there), and that that right there may be THE BEST part of being human.  You may be in a constant state of wonder thanks to those little people that help you open your eyes to it, but also incredibly aware that life isn't perfect, that there are rough days and complex emotions that come into play, and that that's ok too.

You may be celebrating with flags and streamers (like I do....almost every day), the movement that is lifestyle photography, the raw beauty of human life being photographed, and the impact it has made on what goes on your walls.  Me too, me too. 

I love making images that feel; that make you feel, that make me feel. If we've done that, in my mind, we've succeeded. Now let's make some magic. 

Photography is a love affair with life.
— Burk Uzzle