about me pic.jpg

Hi, it's me, Melese.

I'm pretty laid back, you'll find, I like to laugh big and loud like 98% of the time. I do best when the sun is shining and although I love connecting with people and hugging and friending, truth be told I'm a major introvert. 

But I suppose what you should really know about me is that I tend to feel things in photographs in a way I can't express any other way - pictures seem to do a better job of telling the complicated beauty of human stories than most words in my opinion. I find that when I photograph my children, my life, my heart, I appreciate it and love it/them even more. I do my best, when shooting, to see you and yours in the same light.  Those connective small little moments are the most valuable, in my opinion, and are usually the first I see and want to photograph.