Each Session is unique to the maker, I like to understand (through a specific questionnaire) exactly what it is you’re trying to get across to your audience and then act as a bit of an art/creative director to tell the story of your craft through imagery.

Share what you do and people will care even more about what you make. 

All sessions start at $500


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Showcase the beauty of your process with a session designed to blend your work behind the scenes, who you are as an artist or creative and/or the rituals and routines that feed the soul of your business into a cohesive story to draw followers and your ideal clients to YOU.

The process of making has always been what I'm most drawn to, even more so than the finished product. It makes sense when I think of my love for film: the feel of it, the process of photographing, the developing, the waiting and not seeing everything as I go - it's incredibly therapeutic for me.

For many Makers, the process of their craft is like meditation, and most fans of these Makers are DYING to watch how each piece/arrangement/work is made. Witnessing such a process lends authenticity to the finished product, educates potential clients and offers your artistry more depth.