Back in college I got kind of amazingly lucky in the roommate department.  I mean SERIOUSLY. I'll admit at first I was crazy intimidated by how freaking cool these girls were with their free spirits and wild hearts, they were easy going and hilarious and I was... 18.  Nuff said, right?  But they welcomed me into their cool group and we are still besties to this day.  I LOVE them, like a crazy person.  Sadly, we're a little spread out and we don't get to see each other all that often, so you can imagine my sheer glee when one of my old girlfriends signed up for a mini session in Idaho.  I may have squealed out loud... and scared my baby.  WHAAAAAAAAT?!  I get to see and hang out with you AND take pictures?!?  Life doesn't get any better people, it just doesn't.

Melese MillerComment