Giving Voice

In the past couple of months I've started a new photo project that has been massively inspiring to me. This project is about women, the women that the next generation is looking to.  We are full of so many different voices - strong, confident, quiet, and sweet.  All of us are working through our own set of problems.  It is in our unique life experiences that we can share something beautiful with each other; something real, something honest, the bad & the good, complicated or simple.  We can hear each other if we will just listen, we can gain an entirely new and beautiful perspective about life by simply embracing our differences.  I wrote a mini blog post about the project a month or so ago in all the excitement of photographing, but I've now put together a few of the profiles and I am starved for more.  If you would like more information to become a part of this project, please email me at the address below, I would love to include you!

We are all women, we are all different, and that makes us strong.

Add your voices to the collection by emailing me at *
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