In light of it being Mother's Day in about a week I've been thinking a lot about how beautiful motherhood is, even as my children climb all over me like a mountain and cry and whine about eating dinner, it's still an insanely beautiful thing.  Those sweet small children of mine still snuggle with me; they want me to play with them, to pretend with them and run with them.  I've been told that doesn't last forever, which in turn makes me want to soak up as much of it as I can right now, and my way of doing that is documenting it.  I have quite literally thousands and THOUSANDS of pictures of my little ones, and I'll admit that at times some of these pictures have brought me to tears, especially years later when I realize that those sweet moments spent jumping in puddles with my little toddler are there for me to look at and remember forever.  

Here's my thought, how about Personalized Lifestyle Sessions with you wonderful Moms and your sweet ones just doing what you do best?  In your home, at a park, getting ice cream, pillow fighting, making cookies, drawing with chalk, building towers, toppling them down - on and on and on I could go.  This session is about you and your connection with your child, and me?  I'll just be the fly on the wall, catching everything that happens and giving you something you can look at on the really bad days (believe me, I know how this goes) something to give you those good mama vibes back.   My gift to you: 25% off to the first five lovely ladies to book a session. 

This Mother's Day, treat yourself.

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