The Power of a Voice

I've taken a bit of a break from this project for the Holidays, and as I've been getting back to it, throwing myself into this beautiful sea of voices and different perspectives I'm realizing how important this project is to me.  I feel like in some ways I go to a different place, and that place is exploding with the power and goodness of humanity.  It's so easy to get stuck in our own problems that reside in our tiny little lives; but I've decided I want to think bigger, I want to understand more and look outside of my own comfort zone.  I want to feel more connected, to see how we are alike & revel in our differences, to be inspired to do more and be better - how's that for a New Year's Resolution?  Now who's with me?!  If you are even the tiniest bit interested please, please contact me.  You may not think that you have anything to offer, but you do.   

I'll keep these profiles coming! 2015 is going to be amazing.

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Lisa composite.jpg