You Guys.  I'm about to hop on a soap box here, I'm going to shout this out loud and proud and by the end of it, you may even be convinced yourself.  

Take a second and ask yourself where your favorite photographs are.  Are they on your computer?  Stuck behind a screen on Instagram? Silently weeping in a Facebook album or a lonely hard drive?  Now ask yourself why.  

Printing your photographs and getting them up on the wall sounds so simple, I know, but honestly in such a digitized world it's turned into a rather tricky thing. There is nothing that breaks my heart more than when someone has GORGEOUS photos of their family, and they're just stuck behind a screen instead of up on the wall where they belong.  *Confession* : this year we had our family photos done for the first time everrrrr (thanks a million Samantha Kelly Photography).  My heart melted into the biggest puddle when I saw them.  I cried, like a little baby, because these were my people, and I was in those pictures with them; laughing, having fun, and loving on each one of them - and it was so beautiful.  Almost immediately I printed off 15-20 of them and put them up all over the wall so I could see them EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I understand that I'm lucky, not everyone has a professional printer in their home and can print things off willy nilly, but that's exactly why I'm opening up my services to you.  I've realized that I can do so much more to serve my clients (that's YOU) then just handing over a certain number of files, patting you on the back with a thumbs up and "good luck", and this is just the beginning of it all.

Having been in those client shoes, I get it, life is just crazy and it's easy to get a little overwhelmed about what to print, where to print, what size, and how to arrange them on your wall.  But I'm here to simplify that for you, this month's FLASHSALE is everything you need to put together your own gallery wall.  Just $75 for eleven 5x7s, five 8x10s, and one 13x19.  A reaaaally sweet deal, cause that's what these FLASHSALES are all about.  Get those loves of yours up on your walls so that you can see them and have your heart melted every time you walk by.  Click the link below to buy your Gallery Wall Collection today.


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