Have yourself a merry little flashsale

I'm not sure what's been different about this year, but riiiiight after Halloween I kind of jumped on the Christmas train.  Just to be clear, I used to make fun of people who did that, those crazies that started listening to Christmas music, baking gingerbread and buying gifts before December even arrived - - it was almost indecent.  But this year I'm not gonna lie, and don't hate me for this, I'd be just fine skipping over the Thanksgiving decor and hype (not the food, never the food) to get to the Christmas part of the holidays. Weeeeeeee!  

For this month's FLASHSALE I've channeled that Christmas spirit and created four beautiful Christmas cards for you, and maybe you're all "Great, Melese, Christmas cards.  What's so special about Christmas cards??", and to that I say EVERYTHING.  But also, these aren't just your average pick one and done...  oh no, this is a collection, you can choose one, two, or all four designs to use for your 25 cards... for those that have a hard time choosing just one photo (ahem, me.)  These are designed and printed by yours truly on some of the most beautiful fine art paper I've seen.  Believe me, they are even more stunning in your hands.  Here's the deal: 25 cards with envelopes and shipping included for just $60 PLUS with the purchase of these cards you also get a 20% off coupon for your next session in 2016 (eeeep, are we really about to start another year already??).  I don't need to tell you what a screamin' deal this is, do I? Good.  Last thing, you DO NOT have to be a previous client to get in on this deal - you just need to have a picture to send to me (or multiple pictures, remember COLLECTION #happydance), an address to ship it to, and we're good to go.  The countdown has begun 7 days until Thanksgiving, and then for me Christmas cards are usually one of those things I just don't get around to - let me help you out with that. Here are the cards for you to see close up, please email me at melese@lemonpeelstudios with any questions and purchase yours by clicking that button at the bottom of the post.  Happy Early Holiday Season!  You know you're ready. #weloveyouthanksgiving #butitschristmastiiiiiime

 Your 48 hour FLASHSALE begins NOW! 


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