I spent the better part of the weekend putting together a very special Christmas gift for my parents and going through old photographs of them when they were brand new to this love and family deal.  I know everyone has their thing that they are crazy-person passionate about and I suppose this is mine.  Those photographs give me a taste of who my parents were as little kids, newly weds, and parents wrestling toddlers and camping in the rain; it's one of the only ways I can connect with them and see them during those parts of their lives, and let me tell you, even back then film was KILLING it.  #obsessedmuch #yup

Photographs are everything to me, posed or unposed, grainy or out of focus, just give me all the emotion, all of that big burning love that makes up a family and I'm there.  There is magic in providing that for other people, wrapping up all of those feelings and memories in photographs does it for me,  it shoots me right up and over that beautiful moon.

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