A New Chapter

There's been a lot of thinking going on in the brain of yours truly.  I mean some of those thoughts include when I can and WILL purchase my next package of monster cookies at Target and devour them all in the car on the way home (obviously, cause duh, that's always on the mind), but right now I want to talk about photography.  It kind of hit me about a month ago, I'll credit a combination of events that triggered it: this awesome session, my giving voice project that you should totally get on board with (info here), and a year long project I've been working on about my kids.  All of this work had something in common that I only just realized: the goal of photographing the honest portraits of who we are, each of us on the inside, and documenting the beautiful reality that surrounds us.    


In regard to the photo project about my children the photographs that stop me in my tracks are those that encapsulate everything about the moment.  Not only are my sweet little people in there, but our home, our backyard, their room with all of their toys - everything is documented.  

I cannot even tell you how many times I look at them and my heart feels like it's going to burst out of my chest.  I think that may be called a momma heart explosion, and it. is. real.

What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
— Aaron Siskind

THIS. This is where I want Lemonpeel to go.  I am insanely grateful that we have the technology for ALL of us to document things on our own.  I use my phone pretty regularly, but I will say that those photos don't even hold a candle to these.  This is what I want to offer, In-Home real life photography.  Photographing you IN YOUR SPACE, the one you've become a family in, the one that holds memories of its' own, the one your children feel the most comfortable in.  I want to document that love, that reality, those moments.


To Celebrate (with a capital C) this new chapter, I'm offering a session promotion!  One In-Home Session complete with a hardcover album to remember it by for just $225 --- cue jaw drop!  This is an incredible deal, like woa, so that should tell you just how badly I want to get this ball rolling!  Let me give you something priceless, something honest and real, let me document your beautiful reality. I'll only be booking these sessions at this awesome price through April and May, and seeing as I have two little people running around my ankles the number of sessions are limited.  So call and book with me today, I PROMISE you will not regret it!