When you're around the same little people day in and day out it becomes more difficult to see the things you'll want to remember.  Sometimes I feel like I'm almost better at it with other people; in their home I can see the care they've taken to cultivate a beautiful garden or that moment that every mother dreads during a photo session (you shouldn't) a classic cute grumpy kid face complete with pouty lips and I think to myself, "they're going to want to remember that".  But when it comes to my own sometimes I find myself missing out on the muddy hands and face documentation and insist on wiping it clean before clicking the shutter. Those moments ARE childhood, and although I'm getting better at photographing the beautiful imaginative reality my children live in, I want to get better.  It's when I leave my heart open and uncensored that I snatch the little things that I can then say to myself "you're going to want to remember this"; like my son's sweaty matted hair just after a nap, or my daughter's crazy sassy faces.  Photographing my children makes me love being a mom, sometimes you need to step outside of the every day diaper changes and endless snack giving to see how beautiful it really is.  Photographs do that for me, they melt my heart and remind me that this is kind of a golden time of life.  Let me do that for you, check out the promotion I have going on right now, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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