Sometimes the stars align and when you go to do a personal photo session for one of your all time favorite projects with a good friend you ALSO get to eat one of the most amazing sandwiches and your heart sings and you do a little dance (on the inside, of course, because no one should have to see this girl dance) and you take another bite and another and another.   And THAT calls for a blog post full of delicious food in my book.

That's not even my favorite sandwich (still amazing of course), no, no my favorite sandwich was gone in about sixty seconds, no joke.  The Turkey Bacon Avocado was like magic in my mouth... didn't even get a picture of it - I'm only kind of sad about that since my stomach was rather happy.  It's a great little lunch place and they make all of their own bread, a huge win.  I even snagged myself a loaf of sourdough on the way out --- tears people, it was just so good.

Anyway, I believe pretty strongly in supporting fantastic local businesses so do yourselves a favor and go try these sandwiches out, they're all sorts of yum - Baked 2304 N. University Pkwy Provo. 

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