move into being

I'm really lucky to know such talented people.  I feel like it makes me want to aspire to be just as passionate and driven in my own endeavors.  The little seed of intensity that pushes me to newer and better things seems to be planted in so many different interests, thoughts and ideas.  I had the opportunity to photograph Sarah, the owner of Move Into Being, as she worked with a few students.  It's so fantastic watching someone in their element, and I'll admit I'm always partial to beautiful movements in beautiful light, especially when my camera is at the ready.  You you're interested in inspiring food for thought, you should check out her BLOG, it's a winner.  

"What does it mean to allow yourself "to be"?  Allowing yourself to be means to be fully present, feeling wholly alive, conscious, awake to life in all it's beauty and harshness."


Melese MillerComment