You Are Here

Sometimes putting something down on paper that lives in your heart and floats around in the air you breath is difficult. I get it. That's why pictures seem to do a better job of telling the complicated beauty of human stories than most words I can grab at in my head, and maybe you feel the same. 

Because you're here I'm going to guess that you feel, like I do, that love is all you need - and yes, I just quoted the Beatles #likeaboss.  You may see relationships as the part of us that makes us human, that and our insatiable need for nutella, obviously.  You may care about the world around you, from the people you connect and rub shoulders with, to the colors and patterns you put in your own home. You may love and appreciate something beautiful, so much that it makes you tear up (we've all been there), and that that right there may be THE BEST part of being human.  You may be celebrating with flags and streamers (like I do....almost every day), the movement that is lifestyle photography, and the impact it has made on what goes on your walls.  Me too, me too.

If you feel like I've been peeking into your soul just a bit, well then, we might be a match made in heaven. Contact me, and let's create something that tells your story with all that squishy timeless love swirled into every frame.

Now, look at this beautiful family, and try to tame your baby hunger, just try - I dare you.

Melese MillerComment