September Flashsale

Ah, September, school is back in session, the days are getting cooler and the nights crisper. Time for another FLASHSALE!!  

Let's talk School Pictures, shall we?  You know, the ones that almost no one likes; the ones you wish were cooler, prettier, and more of who YOUR kid actually is?  No parent I know likes them, looks forward to them, or honestly even buys them anymore - and that's sad to me.  Why? Because THESE are the ages that we should be documenting, and not just in a "sit here, look here" kind of way.  What if School Pictures had life to them, what if they were actually something you would want to put on your wall?  Gasp.  

Enter, this month's flashsale: KID SESSIONS. 


Let me photograph your child the way they should be photographed.  Let's create something you can hang on your wall, that is beautiful and timeless. I'm amped about this, are YOU?  

So, here are the deets: all sessions will be held Saturday, September 19th from 1:00 - 3:00 pm in a beautiful studio in Downtown Provo (see photos). Each 10 minute session will be $35 dollars during the 48 hour time period.  After that the price goes up to $50 until all spots are filled, so basically what I'm saying is BOOK IN THAT 48 HOURS!  "But Melese! Is ten minutes really enough time?  And what if I miss the 48 hour sale because I'm not checking your blog!" First off, 10 minutes is MORE than enough time.  In ten minutes I was able to crank out about 40 photos with different poses for each kid (yes, I timed it), and then whittled it down to the very best 10.  And secondly, PROBLEM SOLVED, ma'friend.  Just subscribe to my email list and receive an email the DAY it goes live!  You can do that here.  

Keep your eyes open, the fun is about to commence!!!

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