Introducing: Behind the Makers

She told me, "I love watering my plants. I do it barefoot. Grounds me, gets me in touch with the earth, acclimates me to the impending heat and fulfills me because I'm bringing life to my home and work space." 

If I'm being totally honest, the process of making has always been what I'm most drawn to, even more so than the finished product. It makes sense when I think about how much I love film; the feel of it, the process of photographing, the developing, the waiting and not seeing everything as I go - it's incredibly therapeutic for me. 

Most makers are deeply in touch with the process of their craft, it's like meditation. And most fans of makers are DYING to see how each piece/arrangement/work is made - it gives authenticity to the finished product, it educates the potential clients, it gives your artistry more depth.

That's where Behind the Makers comes in. These sessions are designed to take what you do behind the scenes, who you are as the artist behind your creations, the rituals/routines that feed your soul and keep you inspired, and blends them into a beautiful story that you can share with your ideal clients. 

Jenevieve of Beehive Floral forages most of what she uses in her arrangements. She's a master at it, taking plants and foliage that we all drive past without a second thought & turning them into beautiful arrangements that are wildly beautiful as well as clever & inventive; it takes extra time and effort, time & effort that her clients rarely see when they look at the finished product. But it's the creative process that lights up her soul and she would never do it any other way. Sharing a little behind the scenes of what you do only enhances your product as well as educates your clients on the amount of thought and artistry that goes into each and every final product. Tell the story that your audience is dying to hear & see, and show them all the reasons why you are 100% qualified & completely head over heels for what you do. Give the people what they want.  

For the month of September I'm offering a pretty sweet deal on these sessions because I'm so completely convinced that they will help you tell your story. Contact me here to inquire.

Share what you do and people will care even more about what you make. 


Want to share what you do with your ideal client? Contact me here to book your own Behind the Makers Session.

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