Having worked at a pro lab for over three years, I know a thing or two about the small things you can do as a client to make their lives easier so they’ll be singing your praises each time an order rolls through with your name on it!

The first tip I want to share is pretty damn simple, but can help out the developing department SO MUCH.

Fold your film.

Here’s the deal, if you’re shooting medium format 120 film you’re living that lick and seal life (unless you shoot Fuji - bless their freaking hearts for that peel and stick sealer). BUT if you don’t fold your film first, it makes it so much harder for the developers at your lab to take that sealing strip off in the dark box. It’s the difference between one quick movement & on to the next roll, and several attempts at pulling off that sticky paper tab which is both frustrating and hurts the nails after a while. Just trust me, fold your film and they will love you for it.

Once you finish a roll of film, just fold that little tail straight across before sealing it with the paper tab. Check the images below to get a visual of what folding your film looks like!

Happy Shooting!

Melese MillerComment