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I remember, rather vaguely, how small my little Wesley was when he was born and I have too many pictures to count of his first few weeks with us that I tend to look at often - but still, I was completely surprised and amazed at how tiny this little guy was.  So so tiny.  I love my little man, he is communicating and walking and his sweet personality is beginning to unfold but his little baby-ness is gone, and I'm not going to lie, there's a bit of an ache there to have it back again - minus the sleepless baby fog of course.  These moments are so unique and beautiful and everyone should have them to look back on, especially since this sweet tiny stage does not seem to last long enough.  If you are pregnant and want some beautiful documentation of your family at this moment in your lives contact me!

one week

We've now had this sweet little button all to ourselves for over a week now, and it's been lovely.

Introducing Wesley James Miller, born September 13.

Oh how we love him.


 and one last one... just because I know you all need a good laugh.