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the hunt

We went hunting for our Christmas tree last weekend, after weeks and WEEKS of waiting.  "It's better," I kept telling myself "the tree won't be suuuuper dry come Christmas."  But I was seriously dying to get that tree and have it feel like Christmas in our home, and so was Lily.  Finally the day had come and we drove out to our favorite place to pick one out, you know those places where you get to cut down your own and there's nothing but trees everywhere and it's like you're in Christmas heaven?  Yeah, it was that kind of place.  So I had my camera and my awesome family and I was ready to catch myself some whimsy out among all of those Blue Spruces.   We drove up and the only thing I saw was a giant sign that said "SOLD OUT".  I'm not sure why it never dawned on me that this could happen.  I mean we did wait until a few weeks before Christmas, but it was SO devastating.  Especially for this one: 


I'm pretty sure I looked similar.  But don't worry, there is a happy ending to this story -we totally found a Christmas tree that is gorgeous and smells amazing and the magic of Christmas has returned to us; but I did tell my husband, "We are NEVER waiting this long ever again!"  Case closed.

three little indians

Really? Did we just have Thanksgiving? Raise your hand if November quite literally flew by... I'm not sure I even remember what happened in the last three weeks.

Well, I hope your turkey feasting was extraordinary, I know mine was, now to bells and trees and magical snow.  Oh Christmas time, you are so wonderful.