rodney style

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Goodness me, the holidays just sort of stole away all of my motivation to do anything besides eat, sleep and lounge on the couch.  How terrible of me to miss not just one, but two inspiration fridays.  shame.  Well as much as I would like the super lazy vacation to exist always, I suppose its time to strap on my boots and get back to the real world... and maybe shower.

Rodney Smith.  Black and white photography. a-maze-ing.  Do you ever look at certain artists and think, 'can i just be you for a few days and see how it feels?'

I have this new fascination with black and white photography.  Perhaps it's because Santa was kind enough to bring me this fantastic program I'd been drooling over for the past couple months.  I want to use the program like 24/7 so I get my head set in black and white mode, grab my camera, and I feel like I've just started photography classes all over again.  It is an extremely vexing media - but goodness it's beautiful.  I shall look to the masters of it and maybe someday I'll become one myself.