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I’m committed to giving you the best product possible, and in my mind that includes letting you in on all the little things you can expect so that you're feeling 100% ready to jump in with me. I'm a bit of a visionary, and I don't mean that in the stuffy "I'm so artsy that no one will ever understand my work" kind of way. What I mean is that I like to pre-visualize as much of my work as I can which allows me to be completely present during our session and ensures that any fantastic ideas I've had pop into my head (or into my, it's happened) leading up to your session won’t be missed.

When working with creatives it helps for me to understand your brand, and where you’d like the session to go. So putting together a pinterest mood board really helps me to be able to visualize what it is you’re wanting.

Throughout the actual shoot, plan to see me checking my notebook (to make sure we’re getting all the brilliance established earlier) and the occasional session break to load more film.



 As a hybrid photographer I shoot both film and digital, and I find the value of both at different moments throughout a session.

Each roll of film holds 16 photographs that I'm able to make before it’s time to reload and I find these brief pauses are a fantastic opportunity for my clients to breath, drink some water, and for us to chat while I load a few more rolls & we get up and running again.

You can usually expect your image gallery about two weeks after we shoot - - it's worth the wait I promise - - then you'll receive a link and you can download, share, and print your images however you please.  

Ready to join me? Contact me HERE to set up your session!