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Making the leap to learn how to shoot film is scary and it can be hard without anyone to guide you. I’ve been shooting film for five years with the last three of those working for one of the best labs in the country (oh hey there The FIND Lab) and I know a thing or two about best technical practices and how to break them down so you can get out there and shoot film successfully! Whether you’ve just started shooting film or you feel like you’ve hit a wall and just need a boost of new information - I’m your gal! Book an online film one-on-one mentorship today!


HERE ARE THE DEETS - - - - - >

Each Mentorship is unique to the mentee’s shooting level, my goal is to set you up to accomplish the film goals we outline together.

What you get:

  • two hours with yours truly via zoom (basically like skype BUT BETTER)

  • free pdf guides created exclusively for mentees only

  • feedback on one roll you’ve shot post mentoring session to check in with your goals and progress

  • our entire conversation recorded and sent to you so you can keep coming back to the things we chatted about

What will we talk about?

  • favorite and least favorite images within your own work to understand & improve consistency

  • future film goals & how to achieve them

  • how light plays a role in your aesthetic and making it work for you

  • film stocks that were made for you and how to shoot them well

  • tricks of the trade & best communication practices with your lab

  • understanding your camera gear & a guide to the essentials

  • simple adjustments and edits you can make to your film scans

  • plus any other specific questions you may have

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